Important Information for our players

Notices to Players

**** Important Notice ****

Please be aware there is a concert at Suncorp stadium this Tuesday night (19 March). Q-Masters is open for business but please note that the usual parking restrictions will be in place, so please arrange car pooling or alternative transport options to maximise the number of vehicles we can fit into the carpark. It is…

CVC Team Trials 2024

City 8-Ball Team Trials for CvC!We are looking forward to a great turnout and fierce but fun competition in our City Vs Country 2024 teams trials!All trials will be held Q Masters.Start time for weekend trial dates will be confirmed as soon as possible.➡️B Grade* – Saturday, 23rd March**➡️A Grade & Women’s – Sunday, 24th…

2024 Season Start

2024 City 8-Ball has a twist!  We are jumping straight into a “Main Season” which will be followed by a shorter “Super 8” season MAIN SEASON – starts Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th FebThe main season consists of two x 9 week rounds.-> Div 1 & Div 2 play on Tuesday-> Div 2 “Reserves” & Div…

2023 Grand Final

Come into Q’ees on Tuesday and Wednesday to cat the action live.7:00pm Start 07 November – Division 1Q Masters 1W vs Q Masters 1XX 07 November – Division 2Q Masters 2W vs Q Masters 2T 08 November – Division 3Gaythorne 3T vs Q Masters 2V

Fixture Draw

The draw is updated as necessity dictates. Any changes will be notified via the “Notice to Players” above and via our Social Networks.
To see an updated draw check Poolstat. Select the competition required then “Draw” at the top of the page

Print Copy of Draw

POOLstat – Scoring, Ladders and Stats

Poolstat websites;
POOLstat LiveScore – Used for entering and monitoring scores on match day.
POOLStat – Used to check the Team Draw, Ladder and Player Statistics

All scoring on match night is recorded live via POOLstat LiveScore.

Team members can monitor the scores for theirs and any other matches through PoolStat Livescore site. Scroll to the BRISC competition for the competition required. The “+” sign will display all current matches. Clicking the red Star to the right will add this to your favorites for future reference.

Team Pins will be issued and emailed to the Team Captain at the start of each Competition. Only log into the LiveScore site with one device per team at a time.
In the unlikely event that POOLstat LiveScore is not available advise a committee member as soon as possible; If all else fails use a manual scoresheet (Included with the captain literature or download). Only 1 sheet is required for the match to be recorded by the home team (Away team may keep a sheet as well if desired). This sheet is to be signed by both captains and a photo emailed to the Registrar at the end of the match.

City 8-Ball’s Rules of Play

Players complete and sign the current years Player Registration form and pay an annual registration fee of $25 before playing their third match. (This registers City players for Queensland Eight Ball Federation (QEBF) and Australian Eight Ball Federation (AEBF.)
Captains forward registration forms to the Secretary and deposit registration fees into City 8-Ball’s account.
An unregistered player will forfeit points gained by that player.

The Committee reserves the right to grade/regrade players and teams based on known performances.
Newcomers to City 8-Ball will be rated by the Committee on known performance, available statistics and the
following :
Division 1: Players are rated as a 3, 2 or 1.
4 = Over 75% on City’s Previous averages.
3 = State level men or score of +64% on City’s previous averages.
2 = State final 24 men or score +51% on City’s previous averages. State level women or score +51% .
1 = Others
Division 2: Players are rated as a 3, 2 or 1 based on previous averages: 3 = +59%, 2 = +52%, 1= others.
Division 3: Players are rated as a 3, 2 or 1 based on previous averages: 3 = +63.2, = +51%, 1= others.
Teams may field a maximum of 9 player points in any set of four singles and 8 points in a three frame shootout.
Penalty is the loss of one game point for each set of 4 singles which exceeds a total of 9.

Current Player Ratings

Teams missing players may use City registered players from a lower grade. Non City replacements will be rated as 3 unless Committee approves otherwise. Lower grade players substituting in the higher grade may play three in the grading round and five in the main season and must stay in that higher grade if they exceed these.

A team refusing to play the higher grading round requested may play at their current level if a spot is available but will not be eligible for any prize money. Members of such team will be rated as 3 subject to committee review.

Players from a relegated team may not play in their original division for the rest of the year. Individuals may request to remain in their original division provided;
a. they score above 60% in the grading round,
b. a genuine vacancy exists in that higher division, and
c. a suitable replacement is found for the relegated team.

The Committee will review and decide any such requests.

All divisions play 16 singles per fixture. Division 3 in the grading round and Divisions 3 & 4 in the main season play on Wednesdays. Others play on Tuesdays.
A single grading round precedes the main season.
Fixtures start at 7.00 pm and no later than 7.15 pm unless excuses are accepted by both captains prior to play.
If a full team is not present, two or three players may represent that team, forfeiting the games of absent player/s. A full forfeit applies if fewer than two players are present: the ‘winner’ receives 2 match and 10 game points. Both teams still pay fixture fees.
Each fixture uses one table. The home team is responsible for the supply of a table, spider and jigger. Venue staff may stop the night’s play at closing time. In this case points will be decided on the games concluded.
City events require players to wear a collared shirt and casual shoes or sandals (no thongs).

All teams pay $40 for each match. Divisions 1&2 pay an extra $10 prize pool contribution for each match.
Weekly venue fees are included in the $40 team fees for both QMaster and Gaythorne Bowls.
It is the responsibility of the captain to collect and deposit fees into City’s account, to be received by the Friday following the fixture. Late fees received after Friday result in the team being initially penalised one game point. All game and match points are lost if fees are not received by the following match.

One game point is awarded for each game won, two match points for a match win and one point for a draw.
All things being equal, the Best and Fairest is awarded to the best performed player on the night.

Master Breaks need to be recorded. From the break, players legally potting the entire group of coloured balls plus the black in their initial visit and without the use of a penalty shot are eligible for a trophy. Div 1 receive a trophy for three or more master breaks.

The Committee organises the finals and teams are notified asap after scores are received. In the event of teams ending the season on equal match points, game points determine the order. If teams end the season on equal match and game points they play a standard fixture to decide their position.
To be eligible to play in the finals, a player must compete in 45% of the season’s matches. An emergency replacement or a qualified lower grade player may play in the finals, subject to Committee approval.
Finals are played on neutral tables to teams involved unless by mutual agreement and Committee approval.
In the event of a tie in the final series a three frame penalty shootout applies.
Typical format (main season):
8 teams, Week 1: 2v3 – loser is third position. Week2: 1 plays winner of 2v3.
10+ teams, Week 1: 1v2 – Winner plays the final & 3v4 – Loser is fourth;
Week 2: 2v3 – loser is third. Week3: 1v2 – grand final.

All games must have at least one referee. Timing as per World Rules will be 30-60. All games must be timed.
Only referees and players may enter the playing area. Players are responsible for knowing the rules. A referee, if asked by a player, may divulge information relating to any past or present situation in the frame, eg “Who’s turn is it?” “Which colour am I on?” or “Did he have his 2nd shot?” A question regarding the future, eg “If I play this shot will it be a foul?” may not be answered.
Should a dispute arise during a frame the player must ask the referee for settlement BEFORE the next shot is played. The referee’s decision is final.

City v Country: Weekend trials are conducted for seven Open & B Grade and six Women and C Grade spots.
Qld & Country Cup: Teams are selected to QEBF criteria from relevant performance statistics based on fixture percentages to date, typically at the end of the first round of the main season. Women’s team is selected from their Championship results.

The game is to be played in a sporting manner. It is the duty of all players to foster good relationships with management and visitors. Captains are responsible for team discipline and general conduct and should report any incidents likely to reflect on the good name of City 8-Ball. Any member who causes a disturbance during City events may be brought before a judiciary composed of Committee Officers and the captains from the appropriate teams.

Breaches of any of City’s ‘Rules of Play’ may incur penalties at the discretion of the Committee.

Representative qualification

Qualification for the representative tournaments available to City players can vary with each competition. Details for most tournaments can be found here.